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One of the joys of not having a 'real job' for long periods of time in London is that it means I've seen quite a few films. When people post '100 best' lists (or indeed '100 worst' ones) I've usually seen 98 or 99 of them…

The market in second-hand DVDs and the time to go browsing means that I've also got quite of few of those. If you've ever seen Hot Fuzz, you may remember the DVD closet there. It'd look like that here, except it turns out that you save huge amounts of space by chucking the boxes and putting the discs in a folder. There are four big folders already, and it's looking like I'll need to get another one the next time they're on offer. Once you're in this sort of position, the other essential is a database you can take with you. I use Shelves, available for Android phones.

I like DVDs. I listen to commentaries for one thing. So reviews of discs* will rate the disc as well as the main film.

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* I am not going to get a Blu-Ray player, partly because DVDs are good enough, partly because they are cheaper, and also because Sony's behaviour stinks.

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April 25th, 2011 at 10:17 am

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