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Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) – Mel Brooks countdown #10

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Concept: Be rude about Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Two years earlier, RHPoT had been a huge success, despite various laughable elements, such as star Kevin Costner's accent and the geography. So why not do a spoof?

What’s good: The Robin Hood vs Little John fight, where the quarterstaffs keep breaking in two.

There are a few smiles, such as the spoof of the Errol Flynn vs Basil Rathbone shadows on the wall, or the Godfather section.

The performances are fine, and as Cary Elwes says at one point, at least he can do an English accent…

What’s not so good: … but his presence reminds us that The Princess Bride is much better than this in every single way.

And Alan Rickman was a funnier Sheriff while still being more evil.

Music: Nowhere near as good as Erich Korngold's score for The Adventures of Robin Hood, but at least it doesn't have (Everything I Do) I Do It For You on the soundtrack.

There's a song about how men wearing tights is not in anyway gay, honest, but it's not funny.

Miscellany: According to the commentary on Spaceballs, that film and this have had by far the best sales on video of any of Mel Brooks' films.

Overall: There's nothing really bad about it, but there's nothing really good about it either.

It's also too specifically rude about one film rather than the whole genre. Patrick Stewart's impression of Sean Connery doing King Richard is going to be bemusing at best if you haven't seen RHPoT.

TL;DR Nowhere near as good as what it's spoofing

Film: 1.5/5
DVD: 2/5

Nothing special, apart from the trailer and a short 'behind the scenes'.

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December 6th, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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